Tuesday, February 7, 2012

around ChCh

I've started creating a list of places I want to check out around Christchurch.  Me and the girl at the coffee shop down the road.  Every time I go in and she's working, she writes down a few more local sites/shops/markets I should get to.  Love.

Among these places are the community gardens, farmer's markets, other markets, an auction site and a recycle center that has a shop.  Yes, it has a shop.

It can be quite overwhelming to sell everything and move to another country.  Sure, we have a few things being shipped here, but nothing to truly set up the essentials of a home.

I figure that I can be overwhelmed or enjoy the process.  Strive to enjoy it, I will (no doubt, it is a daily choice).
First up is the Riccarton Markets.  They happen every Sunday from 9am-2pm.  In their own words they have everything "...from fresh fruits and vegetables to second hand goods, furniture, clothing, art, plants and trees, food and beverages you name it - the market will have it."

 This past Sunday the girls and I headed there.  Evee quickly found a few books that she wanted and was quite content for the rest of the time.  We found a stand with crepes, bought some fruit and veggies, and wandered around to the variety of stalls and what they had to offer.  It will be even better to go and find little things for a house, when we find one. 

I think it will be a regular tradition. 


  1. Fun! How awesome that the recycling center has a shop!! That is definitely a trend that should catch on in the US! Glad to hear you have an exciting list of adventures to get started on :)

  2. I really like ChCh. Nice. :)

    Looks like a really cool market! I'm so glad we have this blog to keep up with your transition. Love the pictures and updates.

    Give the girls our love.

  3. Love the updates! Wish I could hang out with you guys...