Monday, February 6, 2012


Life is slowly becoming just a bit normal and routine.  I like normal.  And, truly, it's not really all that normal yet, but the little bits that do feel routine are lovely.  More and more routine to come.  

Last week Clint and I had a lunch date (!!!).  Who gets a date 2 weeks into being in a brand new city?  New country, for that matter?  Crazy to have someone that we wholeheartedly trust and someone who is actually offering!  I feel so blessed. 

Amazing people - who accept you in, love you without fully knowing you and believe in you - are everywhere.  For that I am so thankful.  I want to be that person too. 

And this picture does not do itself justice, but was taken on Saturday as we drove to a village a bit away.  Unbelievable...even on a cloudy day.


  1. Amazing picture... I can just picture a little Hobbit community nestled somewhere in the rolling hills :). So glad to know that "normal" is returning to life. Love you!

  2. wow... so gorgeous it looks unreal! and i know i owe you an email! thank you for writing.. the email came at a very stressful time in the wedding planning, but your note was a nice reminder that there are people thinking of me and caring for me in the midst of this temporary craziness. love you and will write soon xoxo