Thursday, January 19, 2012

you are the best thing

There are those days when something is needed.

It used to be around dinner time, as the girls were breaking down and the end of the day was coming closer.  I would put on our "happy song" (feist - 1234), we'd forget our woes and dance the time away till Clint would walk through the door.

Yesterday morning there were tears, break downs.  Evee hurt her thumb and Iris was grumpy, we have been traveling, we are scared of earthquakes, we miss friends, I haven't been around to put the girls to bed for each nap and going to bed.  It all mounted up.  Some of them very small (others very big), but they culminate no less.

We were just us.  Clint put on a song.  It starts off, "it's been a long day" and ends with "you are the best thing ever happened to me".

He points to me, I laugh and love him for it.  The room is lighter and Evee is now dancing and Iris running around.  We are better because of each other.

And we are together and we are fine.

Sometimes it just takes a song.


  1. Oh Jamie... I love you! Sometimes it does just take a song. I can just see everyone lighting up as Clint points to you. Give those girls hugs for me.

  2. Love this!
    :) Michelle