Wednesday, January 18, 2012


We seem to be a hand holding family.  
Toward the end of 6 weeks of traveling, 6 months prior to that living with sweet friends and anticipating 6 more weeks of short-term housing, I am grateful for a family intact.

We have had our moments, no doubt, of just about forgetting who we are, us four, and needing to be reminded.  But we have remembered and Clint and I continue to nudge each other in the direction we that brings peace and is authentic to who we are.

And I'm amazed with the coping skills of an almost 5 year old and a 1 year old...their flexibility, vulnerability, and how they constantly remind us, in their own ways, of who they know us to be.  They are apart of this as much as we are.

And I'm glad that they find each other's hands in the back seat of the car in the midst of all this travel and transition.


  1. Absolutely love it. What sweet pictures. Iris looks out! So peaceful. Love you!

  2. Love the photos and the reminders of what a sweet, beautiful family you are. Missing you.