Friday, January 20, 2012

we've arrived

And here we are in Christchurch, NZ (!!!).  Crazy.  Now it all begins (or, better yet, continues)...

It is beautiful.  Clearly I've been here before, but with different eyes this time.  We anticipate exploring today.

Late last night we arrived.  I could tell that Evee become lighter when she realized we would all be in the same room.  I think I felt lighter too, knowing that if anything happened we were all together.  After being told what to do if there was an earthquake, we easily (truly) feel asleep.

There was a 4.1 earthquake last night.  We found that out this morning after sleeping through it, no problems.  I think we'll be fine.  And if and when we do feel them, we'll learn how to cope in that too.

The gift of a having a friend to pick us up, give us their master bedroom to sleep in, with the girls beds all set up...felt more love than I can say.  Her hospitality reminds me a bit of Jayne Bak, which also makes me smile.

Last night as we laid in bed, whispering as to not wake up the girls, we talked about how we felt upon arrival.  The words excited, at peace and good are what came.  That also makes me smile.

Now for immigration, finding long term housing, meeting friends, setting up a house and a church...the journey continues.

My dad sent a sweet prayer today and my friend sent some verses (perfectly timed) 2 days ago - Proverbs 3:21-26.  These truly hold us up.

...thank you friends for being in it all with us.


  1. hmm, love, love. glad you're safe. thinking and praying for you and clint.

    (cannot wait to skype)

  2. you've finally made it! mark, michelle and i were just talking about you guys today and mulling over when/how we'd get over there to see you :) miss you guys and hope you're taking it ALL in. the adventure continues!

  3. So great to see a photo of Evee playing :). Been thinking and praying for you all often. Love and hugs upon hugs!

  4. WELCOME!! Great to have another wonderful family join us in Christchurch! :) If there is anything you are in need of, please shoot me a message and I can see what I can do?!

    Also, I go to a great Church if you are in the market. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week!x