Monday, January 23, 2012

short term apartment

...we are moved into our 6 week, short term, furnished Christchurch apartment.  Today.

Tonight I made dinner for our little family of four.  Probably the first time in months. 

Tonight we are quietly together, probably for the first time in months. 

Tonight I sat down at the dinner table and started to say how the girls probably won't know any other life than this one, which is great, but they won't know our lives prior to this and then I couldn't finish because I was in tears and Clint finished it for me. 

Evee asked why I was crying and I think I just miss all of you, and that's what I said.  I already knew that community is who we are, but when I am away from all of you, I really know that we are about community.  All that time of eating and living and being with friends and I didn't cry :).

But friends dropped us off at this apartment today and for that I am thankful.  And there are others here...and I trust that connections will come quickly. 

Food is crazy expensive.  Honestly, I think that is what made me cry as well.  Seriously.  I think what it was is that I am so good at grocery shopping.  I feel that I feed our family healthy and stick to a good budget.  Today I felt stripped of that.  We walked out of the shops with a receipt that was about 3 weeks worth what I spend in the states.  But, I'm learning.  And it's only been 3 days. Grace.  Time.

On a positive note, Evee has been pleasantly surprised.  I'm not sure what she imagined in her mind.  I think possibly complete ruin of the city.

When we walked out of the airport she said, "they've already built it back up".  And when I asked her what she thought of Christchurch the other night, she said that it was funner than she thought it would be.  I think she's excited about going to school again, which is awesome because she will indeed start on her 5th birthday...April 24th. 

And it is nice to be us too :). 


  1. So great to hear from you. Glad to hear that Evee is more assured of her surroundings. :) Who knows what she was thinking? The unknowns tend to play with our imaginations.

    I remember the tears that came so easily on our move to Budapest. I wrote a piece called "Inner Strength" that I will send to you. Inner strength via the Spirit will sustain you. It's often the little things that are the hardest. Like grocery shopping in a new culture.

    Much love to you all! Hugs!

  2. everything will come together soon enough, jamie :) i remember feeling that way about groceries in England.. and that was after grocery shopping in NYC, where prices were already exorbitant! but eventually you'll learn to live like locals and figure out how to make things work for your family. love and miss you all! :)

  3. "You are becoming aware of how close Jesus is to you. He holds you safe in his love. At times, memories of past events and fantasies about the future pierce your heart, but these painful incidents have become less frightening, less devastating, less paralyzing. It almost seems as if they are necessary reminders of your need to stay close---very close to Jesus... You feel vulnerable but safe at the same time. Jesus is where you are, and you can trust that he will show you the next step." (Henri Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love)

    Love you, friend.

  4. Aha! Amongst other things...I am a shopping ninja! We will have to bring this item to the top of the list...

  5. Brett! Yes, you need to teach me! I'm excited to learn...

    And thanks Emilie, Haemin and mom for the very sweet responses.

  6. Hey Jamie, thanks for sharing how things are going. I totally understand. I'll be praying. love you!

  7. Jamie we found the food to be expensive too! We found the lamb to be cheaper than in the US - which seemed like a huge treat. As I recall, during our three weeks we ate many many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner - and the peanut butter isn't quite the same. I am so happy you have arrived and can begin to get settled and figure out your new rhytm of life. The NZ blog I like to read is (I think...or you can google tinyhappy). I love reading it because it is the opposite season as here and she posts lots of recipes and sewing projects. If you find any yummy NZ recipes please share! I am going to make lemon curd from the tinyhappy blog today and I'll think of you while I do it! Sending love from the NEW CRW (Having a washing machine is AMAZING!!!)

  8. Oh friend! I think Brett really is a shopping ninja. He has made this claim before. Take his advice. :) I know your post is about something much deeper, and all I can say to that is, I understand. Here's how we've made things easier on us financially: We shop at Pak N Save for non-perishables and dairy producs, and at a fruit and veg shop for, well, fruit and veg. The other thing that has brought down our costs is cooking NZ recipes. 1) They know how to use the local ingredients (and subsequently taste better). 2) I'm not trying to buy winter season veges in the summer and vice-versa. Here are a couple of websites I take ideas from: and Also, Women's Weekly recipe books and magazines have GREAT recipes!! I have yet to cook a bad meal from them. Thinking of you all lots in this transition time.

  9. It will all come together, thanks for sharing, we continue to pray for you all. Hey, what do you need from Trader Joe's thats not perishable, we'll send it your way.