Tuesday, January 24, 2012

and grateful

Can I just say, between comments and facebook (yes, facebook) and emails and messages, you guys are such an encouragement to me (!)?  Really, truly, I'm glad we have moved at this time in history when I can feel connected, even on the other side of the world. 

Today has been better.  It's the little things, isn't it, that make a day feel better or worse?  Amazing.

Things I'm grateful for or just enjoying...
:: our short term apartment.  Super cute and perfect for this time.  Love it and thankful.  It brings much comfort.

:: washing dishes by hand.  Yes, I really am.  I think I've wanted to go without a dishwasher for awhile now.  Granted, last night Clint did the dishes and this afternoon Evee did, but tonight I did and I loved that Clint came up beside me after putting Evee to bed and dried while I washed.
::  that I blog.  Why I feel especially grateful today is that there are a group of women in Christchurch who get together simply because they blog.  I contacted one of the women back in September and next week some of us will get together with our kids at one of the local libraries (and another time for coffee without kids).  How amazing to be on a group email about getting together (which I always love, but feel so thankful about this one in particular)!?!  I'm glad you blog Emilie :).
:: that there are 3 bins outside our door - the biggest for recycling, the second for trash, and the third for yard clippings and fruit/veg pieces.  Being green seems so easy...
:: the random comments Evee makes about many of you, as if you are so close and in our everyday (like about Ms. Kathy's dog).
 :: talking on skype with my dad today.  It felt so normal. 
:: driving around in the awesome car we are borrowing from friends, stick shift but with my left hand and no power steering.  It was my first time and I was sweating and when we arrived back home Clint said it was like driving with a new teenage driver.  Thanks babe. 
:: we have a few dates on the calendar to hang out with people (and by hang out I mean meet them).  We will slowly get the feel of this city and learn what it's like to live in Christchurch.
:: people are easily friendly.  Generally easy to talk with and a number of people we've chatted with are from other countries as well.  It feels really normal.
:: the mountains are amazing and so close.  It is beautiful here.  The stars are unbelievable and you can see the milky way.  So clear.
:: the one photo we have (not sure what I was thinking with not having photos to put up straight away)...thanks Michelle.  I loved finding it and putting it there.

I'll stop there, though the list continues in my head...

Much love to you all.  Thanks again for being who you are. 


  1. How is it that I did not tell you to take photos with you?! I think I see Clint in the photo on the dresser, but can't figure out where or who is the other person.

    Your short-term place looks great. So fun to see!

    Can't wait to some day see Christchurch (been there, but with you living there:), the mountains, the Milky Way. I'm sure it's breathtaking.

    Love you!

  2. It's nice to see Logan in your picture. This year is going to go fast and he'll be standing there beside Clint before we know it!!

  3. YOU. ARE. SO. BRAVE. So good to see your new world and hear that you are doing well!
    I will be praying for you and the fam as you make connections and settle in to where the Lord has brought you.
    Blessing dear friend!