Thursday, January 26, 2012


I washed the dishes to music while Clint put the girls in the bath and got them ready for bed.
We had afternoon tea at the home of a very sweet couple.  Their oldest grandchild is Iris' age and they didn't seem to mind that she ran around kind of crazy.  They laughed easily and she put my mind at such ease a number of times throughout our visit.  They sent fruit home with us.

Somewhere along the way - the US to Australia to New Zealand - Evee seems to have picked up a British accent.  We question it and laugh about it almost daily.  Who knows...


  1. okay... I want to hear the British accent. If she's already picking up an accent, she'll be a little Kiwi before we know it!

  2. thanks for the update- sweet little Evee! REGINA

  3. Oh Evee - taking after her Auntie Joni :)
    Love you and miss you!