Thursday, November 17, 2011

for you (if you'd like)

I mentioned in this post that we will do another musing garland this year.  We are looking forward to starting it on December 1st, which is coming quite quickly.
In that post, I mentioned that I would make a few extra to share and I've started on those.

The basic concept is that each day we answer one question that is about the year past (2011 this year).  We do this from December 1st through December 25th, Christmas day.  Then we take December 26th through the 31st to look ahead and answer questions about what we hope for the year ahead.
Even at 3 years old, Evee participated well last year and it's fun to look back at our answers from 2010 and hopes for 2011 (and whether they happened!).  After it is complete, we put it on the tree (or, last year we took it off and put it on each day).  I dream of a tree full of these garlands as we continue this tradition through the years.
So, all that to say, if anyone is interested in one, I would be more than happy to send you
:: the garland (with 25 looking-back tabs and 6 for looking-ahead), some are yellow, others white, and others a light green
:: the list of questions we use
:: and possibly a marker to write with (we'll see on that one)

I'm already sending out two, but am happy to send more to anyone who wants to join (unless, of course, it gets to be a crazy amount).  Just email me ( your address and I will strive to get them out this week or early next week so that they arrive before December 1st.

Blessing to you in this season of anticipation!