Tuesday, May 3, 2011

going slow

I went to the store.  There was a 35 minute pocket of time to get everything done.

As I quickly looked through the aisles to find the few things on my list I ran into a woman who I slightly know.  She asked if I'd seen the royal wedding.  I hadn't.  We both commented about trying to be quick in an out of the store.  I moved on.

I walked past a man in a wheel chair.  He commented on how I seemed to be in a hurry as I moved past him to grab eggs.  I smiled and kept going.

As I headed to get my last item I saw an old neighbor.  She hadn't seen me, though, and I kept moving...to the express lane. 

And, even though, on this particular trip, I truly did need to be quick, I didn't like to be in such a hurry.  I didn't like not stopping to talk, or say hello or generally care about the people around me...at the very least to be respectful of them. 

It would have been nice to catch up with my neighbor...maybe stand in line behind her and asked how they were doing.  In the end, I didn't even stop for a simple hello.

Love is patient.  When I am rushed and in a hurry, I have no time for love. 

I am not great at waiting.  I notice this most as we try to get ready for our days, get ready for bed, or when anyone is on a different time table then me. 

So this, the first "lesson in love", is a reminder to go slow and be patient.  As I plan my days and strive to not be rushed, I think the opportunities to love will become more evident.  Actually, the simple act of being patient is love.

This week, as I go about it, I will slow down myself.  I will strive to not rush myself or others.  I will see what these moments hold for love.  I will be patient with others...whether that be on the road, at work or in my own home. 

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