Tuesday, April 26, 2011

from this to that

As the semester came to a close (and with graduation less than a month away) so does our time here at seminary.  It's impossible for me to not feel sentimental, even a bit sad.  I think in a lot of ways we, here in this community, know that life is not easily lived how we live here now outside of this context.  It is bittersweet to move on.

So, I started a list of some things I will miss.  The whole concept of living in community has taken on new meaning.  I'm sure I could add many more points...
  • Having neighbors as close friends...thus, being able to walk across the street for brunch on Saturday mornings or dinner and shows on Wednesday nights.  
  • I can literally "stop by" for 20 minutes at any given moment. 
  • Eating together, eating outside, having an "anyone is welcome" mentality
  • Living just fine on less  
  • All living with the same housing...the only difference being a one bedroom or two bedroom.  We all have the same pink tile in the bathrooms.  Yes, oddly I appreciate this.
  • Clothing swaps
  • Bringing meals to others (i.e. for new babies)
  • Easter egg hunts and other holiday fun
  • Last minute craft nights...which ends up mostly in chatting
  • Outdoor walks and knowing that you will run in to someone or many people in the little half mile around the block
  • Being able to walk to both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (both within a mile)
  • Swapping date nights or play dates (i.e. free childcare) 

Thus,  I have also been brainstorming ways to make friends in New Zealand.
  • Outdoor eating - bbq or potluck style...really any sharing of food with neighbors
  • Being outside...maybe new friends will just walk right by
  • Take walks...maybe we'll be the ones to walk by new friends
  • Start up a clothing swap
  • Initiate a craft night
  • Live near a playground or open space (or just go to a nearby playground a lot)
  • Find community events happening...like"story time" at a local library
  • Hope that there are other lonely moms looking for a friend when Evee starts school
Not that I'm worried about it or anything... 

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