Monday, April 25, 2011


On Easter Sunday sweet Evee turned four.  Her name means life and she captures the full meaning of it.  It has been multiple days of celebrating...her, Easter and the end of Clint's program (yay!).

4 things that come to mind about this sweet girl in our home...
  • She takes a moment to warm up.  Once she is comfortable you will know a lot of what is going through her head.  There is not necessarily any rhyme or reason to the "warming up process" however.
  • Evee loves Iris.  She is always happy to see her, greet her, play with her.  This is actually quite amazing to me and I never tire of it (obviously!).
  • She continues to love pink.  Purple and blue got added, and sometimes yellow.  She is her own person and I'm thankful for that (even though I would not personally choose her fancy style).  She is a beauty, no matter what she wears.  
  • There is much we learn about her as she learns who she is.  She is sweet.  I've always said it about her and it continues to be true.  
Here was our morning on Sunday and today, her party day.  We danced, made tutus, wore crowns, ate cake and ended at the playground.  It was fun...

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