Wednesday, January 5, 2011

just fine

As we moved through our day I saw the rhythm of our day to day lives.

Some days are made to stay in.  Some days we head out.  And most days can bring some sense of accomplishment and joy.

Today we finally made our way out to the sunshine at 3:30.  3:30pm!  Yikes.

Evee and I were humming the tune of "I'm so glad that we're together..." (do you know the one?) as I changed Iris' diaper before leaving the house.  I looked behind me and Evee was sitting on the floor striving to put her tights on as she hummed along.

We headed out while Clint got ready to go for a run.  Both girls were piled in a stroller.  One, because Evee wanted to ride instead of walk and second, because we've not invested in a double stroller.

Evee was actually holding Iris on her lap for the ride.  As I wondered how they were doing Evee says, "We are just cuddling with each other."

And I think, we are doing just fine.  Making adjustments with having two girls.  However the days happen in the end we are, indeed, just fine.

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