Monday, January 3, 2011

night walks

Years ago my sister and I ran in Chicago.  My sister ran cross country in high school.  She genuinely loves running.  For the entirety of our run she talked about how amazing running is (while I tried to catch a breath).  We ran around the city seeing beautiful things.

This was the only time I've ever run with my sister.  I decided that if I didn't love running, while running with my sister who loves running and talked about her love of it in a city that was fun to see...I'll probably never really love to run.

I do like to walk.  (My dad taught me to walk fast early on.)  Truly, I like it.  I don't get bored.  I can think or talk while doing it.  It can happen anytime, anywhere.

For a few months now I've gotten back into walking regularly.  I walk at night.

Here are all the reasons I think I love it.
  • Even if it's cold outside, it is not a shock to my system.  By night I've already been out for the day.
  • It's dark.  I walk in a safe place.  I like that no one really sees me.
  • I can easily give it a half hour or more after the girls are in bed.  There is no time crunch and I'm not wishing that I could stay in bed (like I would if walking in the morning).
  • I can process through my day.
  • If walking alone I often think or write in my head.
  • There is a crispness to the air and I notice the stars and moon.
  • It is peaceful.  The busyness of the day is over. 
  • Sometimes a friend comes with.  I love this.
  • It gives my night perspective.  I think I use my nights better. 
Hopefully I will keep it up through the freezing temps of January and February!  But thus far its been a good thing...

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