Saturday, December 4, 2010

'tis the season

Almost a week ago we put up our Christmas trees.

I am thankful and enjoying...

the ornaments and decorations a friend passed on to me last year

the way that Evee is anticipating Christmas and all she is learning within that

sweet reminders of the reason we celebrate...including doing advent for the first time (!)

the creativity of others (we are going through Ann's Advent devotional)

this Christmas music

knowing that we could make Christmas cookies with my mom when they arrive

that I "got" Evee's gift yesterday (ballet lessons) and am SO excited for her to know...I can barely stand it
that I finished crafting presents and Evee finished cards for grandparents and cousins
and even though I could craft a few more things (and hope to), we are essentially done

the peace and simplicity we are experiencing
and, I believe, will only receive more of in the weeks' ahead

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