Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny things

Clint was gone this week...

2 things will stick out in my memory of the week that were not so much funny at the time, but were memories non the less and are kind of funny looking back.  (And, I will say that Evee and I both stayed very positive throughout the whole process).

Firstly, the second day that Clint was gone I got a migraine.  I've never had one before...sadly, I think it was lack of coffee/caffeine.  By that evening it got so bad I felt like I could hardly function.

It was right before bedtime and I was feeding Iris while talking with Evee on the couch.  I realized that I was going to throw up.

Since I was feeding Iris, I started telling Evee that I was going to throw up and needed the bathroom trash can.  She told me that when we throw up we use the toilet.  I quickly realized this conversation was not going to happen fast enough and walked to the bathroom in time to make it to the toilet ("where we throw up").

So, with a baby latched on and a 3 year old looking on while commentating, "oh, your dinner is in the toilet.  oh..." I threw up.  Then had just enough energy to finish feeding Iris, put both kids in bed and head to bed myself by 8:20pm.

The second is when Evee, Iris and I excitedly headed to the airport to pick up Clint.  However, somewhere in the process of Clint flying from Cleveland to Newark there was a huge storm in Newark and the plane flew to Connecticut instead.

In the end, the girls and I made a 4 1/2 hour trip to drive around Newark airport and get dinner inside before heading back (without Clint who later had to take the train home). 

Clint is back home.  Smile.  It was a good week (really) for both him and us...but I'm very very happy to all be together again.


  1. Crazy times Jamie, but sounds like you remained sane through it all. Glad Clint is back :)

  2. Don't ya love all the things you realize you can do with a baby breastfeeding? :-)