Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I'm reminded these days of making forts and tree houses and playing pretend for hour upon hour.

I walk into our house and on our porch and see dishes and dolls scattered random places.  Tea cups are getting broken for the sake of pouring tea into cups over and over again.

Today Evee went to a friends surprise birthday tea party.  There were little tea cups, lots of pretend and fairies fluttering every while making wands.  It was beautiful and sweet.

It's easy to forget the ease and simplicity of being 3 (or 4 or 5) playing house, pretending to be grown-up, and having a store were games.

I'm amazed to realize how we are modeling for her (all the time) and then fascinating to watch how it is portrayed in play...realizing that many things are being learned about life and relationships in the cycle of watching and playing.


  1. OH the days when having a store and "going to work" was all that filled our days.
    Miss those times.

  2. Joni - I thought you were going to say... Oh, the days when having a store and "going to work" were fun. :)

    Girls - remembering those days of emptying out the pantry so you could set up your store. Oh, and the "school days" in the summerhouse. Jamie was always the teacher. :) I miss those years, too.