Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last night I was online looking up info about a parenting book I have been reading.  Without going into detail about the book, I thought it was helpful in a lot of ways but also came off as extreme.  I wanted to see how others were making it work for them. 

After reading through different blog posts (and their comments) the end conclusion was this...

Although the authors/the book have some really helpful concepts, they come across closed and unyielding to many in their approach.  BUT, come to find out, before the book was ever in print, it was taught in the context of community.  Moms and dads coming together, learning, helping each other.  The authors shared their approach and how it worked for them, but it was much more open and gave a bit of breathing room in the process.  If those in the class had questions, they could get helpful answers...even if the answer was maybe a bit different than that which was being taught.

And, I would say that as interesting as the book has been, it's been more helpful to talk with the friend who passed it on to me.  To hear that she experienced similar things, what worked and didn't work, and to trust my "mother's instinct". 

It's made me again consider, as I often do, the importance and beauty of community.  The importance of actually living life side by side and how we can potentially miss so much when we don't live this way.  Books and the internet hold so much information, helpful information at that (since I obviously found the background info of the book online :)).  But, still, context is often missed, its harder to ask questions and get specific answers, and the stories behind the statements can so easily be lost. 

I am thankful for community - the conversations that come through dinners shared, phone calls taken, even emails back and forth - all while living in the moments together. 

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