Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dresses & farms

In the midst of a bit of sickness, a bit of coming back together (which has been wonderful, by the way), a bit of sleep, a bit of school, a bit of work, a bit of hanging out with friends...we are living life. 

Here are pictures of going to a local farm.  We didn't get to stay as long as we would have liked, but hope to head back sometime soon to pick apples.  I must say, these pictures depict my daughter so well.  Getting dirty and running around while wearing a nice dress.  Is there another way to live?  Supposedly not.

And, speaking of Evee... I might add that while looking through pictures of this past year I saw Evee in pants.  I got curious and looked through more pictures and realized that the last time I have a picture of Evee in pants was almost one year ago (fall 2009)!  I'm pretty sure this was one of the last time she wore pants (on their own...meaning, not under a dress or as pajamas). Such a cute little thing...


  1. oh, Evee and her dresses :).

    Like that one on the John Deere.

  2. Are you serious? A year without pants alone? That's crazy!!

    This post made me wonder if Mom was like Evee, running around the farm with her dress on...