Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Staying home

We've been home a lot more since little Iris has come.  It's got great benefits even when if it feels a bit restricting at times.

The randomness that fills our days...
 Putting things on her very own magnet board

Making special things like a house (from a shoebox) for her toy rabbit set

Looking at this sweet thing 

Talking on skype and by phone to family 

Saying hello and goodbye a few times with a lot of playing, coffee dates, singing in between...always sad for the goodbyes, but thankful for the great moments had.  Another hello tonight when my sister comes!!! (For more pictures of Evee and her papa and grandma, check out my mom's blog)


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  2. Okay, I finally figured out how to post comments. I just deleted my comment because I spelled Evee's name wrong and wanted to fix it! Anyway....It was so great seeing you today. Iris is so sweet, and Evee is adorable!

  3. So sweet! I loved Evee's magnet board. Awesome.

    Have fun with Joni!!!

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