Monday, August 9, 2010

So tired

Today at Iris' 2 week the doctor appointment I found I was asking many of the same kind of questions I asked over 3 years ago when we had Evee's first doctor appointments.  In my mind I think that I should certainly know all of this...we've done it before, but I still needed to ask some of the same questions or at least get confirmation on a few things. 

The doctor said that she thinks we forget the gist of it all or no one would have more kids. :)  Kind of humorous, but I find myself wondering if it's a bit true. 

The lack of sleep, the regular fussy time in the evening (usually just when we are about to sit down for dinner), the many diaper changes, the times when you are up in the middle of the night for over an hour with a fussy little one who just won't settle.  For some reason, I remember these things from the first time around but only vaguely. 

At least this time I know that eventually we will get more sleep.  Eventually I won't feel so foggy.  Eventually we will get some sense of routine and learn how it is to be a family of 4.  Eventually...

And in the meantime I'm thankful for family being around, a husband to hand things off to and carry the weight of it with, the smiles that come randomly from Iris, a 3 year old who has her moments but continues to adjust well overall, little bits of sleep (like 2 consecutive hours!), meals that are coming regularly, and the knowledge that eventually we will get more sleep. :)


  1. I am looking FORWARD to those night in a couple month, NOT!!! But really, it's such a small sacrifice for so much love, hang in there.

  2. Jamie - loved your thoughts. So true, so true. Just knowing it will get better helps to endure the now.

    I slept 14 hours last night! If I was tired . . . you definitely have more reason to be tired than I am :). Wish I could loan you some of those hours.

    Love you!