Sunday, August 1, 2010

So here we are

One week in on this little one's life (as of tomorrow AM).

(as a side note, before I forget...thanks for the emails, phone calls, prayers, texts on the days prior to her birth as well as throughout this first week.  I have felt so surrounded...)

She is a blessing.  So sweet even now.  I just look at her and Evee and think, how did we get 2 sweet girls?  I mean, really, they are both just the most precious things.

As far as the first week goes...

Things now fully remembered
  • days and nights mixed up (thankfully for her, not me :))
  • how little a newborn is, but even more so how big a three year old is
  • the pain of birthing a child, no matter how it comes, and how the pain starts to fade within time
  • breastfeeding...I just love it
  • swaddling.  So thankful we know how to swaddle well and that it works without fail
  • gratitude for community and their meals that are coming our way.
Things I love this time around
  • having a husband who is so engaged in the process of it all.  Believing in me for the birth, believing for me that it would get easier than it was the first 2 days, changing every diaper the first few days, making sure that Evee was picked up, cuddled, loved, valued.  Only growing in love and appreciation for each other in these moments.
  • watching Evee connect so naturally with her little sister...I greatly anticipate watching this unfold over the years.  Knowing my sisters are coming to visit soon and knowing that my girls will have each other to do the same with one day is such a precious thought.
  • watching Evee transition so sweetly and embracing the change in our home.  She is really helpful and so tender with Iris.
  • having 2 sweet girls...two.  Who would have thought?  We were guessing a boy.  2 girls is so fun though.
  • having my parents around while in the hospital (and a bit before).  Listening to Evee tell us what she and papi and grammi did throughout the days.  Sadly, but sweetly, watching Evee and my dad say good-bye to each other...both crying.  
  • Continuing to have my mom around.  This was the case last time, but it's such a blessing again.  Probably even more so this time since she is such a help with Evee and I'm not so overwhelmed with taking care of a new life.  We get more time to chat and be together this time around.  
  • sitting on the porch.  This was the week to have a baby.  We went from 90-100 degree weather to 70's and 80's this week.  Beautiful weather for walks and playground visits and lots of sitting on the porch - for meals, talks, reading.
  • the sling my sister made me the first time around.  I loved it so much then, so I'm not sure if I can say that I love it even more now, but I think I will.  I love it even more now.  It makes it easy to walk with Iris in pouch and Evee in hand.  I also get a lot of sweet looks from people passing by, knowing that a new little life is tucked inside.  
  • taking a break.  When time, I'm reading a novel and looking over a real simple magazine.  I'm tired, but am also relaxed.
 The first day of life at the hospital with Evee (1st pic)
Tonight - before and after her bath (2nd and 3rd pics)


    1. I am crying as I write this. So glad that things are going well and that you have another sweet girl :) I cannot wait to meet her! I cannot wait to be with you all so soon!!! Wish I could have been there for Iris's birth. Glad I will be there soon. Love you!

    2. she's absolutely beautiful! i can't wait to meet her. logan and marcos were quite proud that they were the first to visit you at the hospital last week :P

    3. I loved this post! Such precious thoughts of the reality of this new season of life. So thankful I can be here to share in the beginnings of it.

      Yes, I'm happy that Evee has a sister. I always wanted a sister, but instead God blessed me with 3 daughters. I have loved watching you girls be sisters and at times felt like I was right in the mix of sisterhood :).

    4. So sweet! We have been waiting for this kind of update all week! She is beautiful and we can't wait to meet her in January!

    5. two daughters is the most precious thing on earth. enjoy every moment! i have been thinking and praying for you this past week. iris looks so precious. congratulations!

    6. OH Jamie, this is so sweet. I too am crying as I write this right along side Julie. Miles and I cannot wait to be there to share in the joy with you. It is a sweet reminder to me of those crazy few weeks... oh wait, I can't remember those. :)
      This is what I now will remember them to be.

      Love you sis.

    7. Precious Iris. She is changing so much already! At first I thought she looked so much like Evee, but these pics show just how diiferent she looks too! Precious Evee. So sweet to hear of her loving on Iris. Praying for your family! Love you guys!