Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soil & First Fruits

I wish I had the camera to share pictures of the garden. It is a beauty. Sometime soon...

Tonight we headed back there to take another look, chat with gardeners who were also checking out their plot and watering, dispose of our compost and pick some of the "first fruits" (for us anyway).

We ate our salad on the picnic table - the lettuce from our crop and the addition of bought tomatoes and cucumber (soon I hope we'll be eating our own though!).

The variety of flavors in a few pieces of lettuce was amazing to me. Add to that some basil and cilantro, and it is quite wonderful. In Evee's words, "I like this salad mama!". There is something wonderful about doing the actual picking, washing and eating yourself after planting and watching and waiting.

I also started pulling weeds outside our porch today. Clint and I cleaned the whole thing out awhile back and then were gone for 6 days or so. I was amazed at how many weeds had started growing again.

I must say, though, that there is something very therapeutic about weeding, planting, having your hands in the soil. And, if I can add, that's a statement coming in my 8th month of pregnancy when it's not super fun to bend over. It was such a beautiful day here, though. It was a gift to sit outside and pull weeds as Evee made her way around and around on her bike. A lovely night to have some soil therapy.


  1. Sounds great! Can't wait to see some pictures!

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  3. I know what you mean! My garden is out of control! We've been getting so many storms... a nice mixture of sun and rain that it's growing like crazy! So exciting!