Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help along the way

Clint is soon getting back from the possibly the longest time we've been apart since being married. "After this sleep" we pick him up from the airport (as Evee would say).

I have to say that there were moments I dreaded thinking about not having him around and trying to balance everything on my own. Eventually we got into a routine, though, and it wasn't so scary in the actual moments. We are excited and ready to have him back though...that is for certain.

During these days/weeks there were so many blessings.  I hope to reflect/write here this week in more detail about a couple of them, but for now the shorter, less descriptive list (except for the last one)...

Having family mom started the time here with me and it was a very great blessing indeed!

Friends here and while traveling were amazing hosts - whether it was spending the night or an invite for dinner. 

Relearning some parenting techniques that are quite useful, but that I'd kind of forgotten (or hadn't thought through in awhile)

Learning the art of processing together while apart (for Clint and I) and anticipating the arrival of being together again (while also emotionally preparing for it)

The latest wonderful gift was having a friend's teenage daughter come watch Evee last night while I had to be away a couple of hours for work.  I had planned on taking Evee, but she was so tired and this friend had offered. 

I had no idea in the moment what a gift it would turn out to be.  She had her in bed exactly when I'd asked and Evee had a great time with her.   Evee slept more than she has in over a week (which was desperately needed). 

It seriously made my day...knowing that Evee was functioning better because of sleep and that I was too.  Anyway, I know it sounds simple, but it is something I am so grateful for!!!

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  1. Hi Jamie,
    I'd love to get your email address to send you a message. Graeme and I met Clint at ECW last night and had a brief chat. My email address is
    Annie (Wright) Els