Monday, June 7, 2010

And today's thanks...

Evee saying, "Dada!!!" every time she gets to talk with him

The husband that I'm so amazed to be married to

Late night talks with a dear friend

2 sweet girls playing and loving each other (even in the midst of tears and not wanting to share)...hearing Evee say today (about her friend) that she wanted to keep her forever (while doing a hugging motion).

Catching up and seeing people after not for a bit

Seeing our garden growing and beautiful (thanks to our friend!) and watching Evee run around the plots pointing out all that was growing and talking in an excited voice. After a few minutes and before deciding she wanted to dig a hole, she said, "And that's the end of our story!"

Relationships that are a blessing even though transitions are coming for many and it's hard to see people go...

And, 2 amazing shirts that I got at H&M last week that are long enough for my 8 month pregnant body, but still in my regular size and not maternity. Much more importantly, they are super comfortable. I've basically been wearing them as much as possible and until I am forced to wash them so that I can wear them again.

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