Friday, May 7, 2010

This is how...

peace is spread.  It's in all the little things...

My sister sent me a Mother's Day card and I got it tonight.  It was the perfect encouragement for this day.  Just to think that she thought of me while she is celebrating her own first Mother's Day this year is amazing to me. 

I kind of keep forgetting that it's this weekend.  But then, to get something from my sister...I don't know.  It just made my day.

It's a beautiful thing to be thought of.  Of course it's treasured in the midst of pain, grief, joy.  But to be thought of in the midst of normal life, that is a blessing as well.

Happy Mother's Day to many of you...

(These sweet pictures came with her card.)
This past Christmas - I'm holding her little Miles.


  1. Oh Jamie... this was so special. I got a card from Mike, Joni, and Miles today, too! I think it was my first personal mail since we've arrived in Budapest. I could have cried. And, she sent me a picture, too, of me with you kids when Joni was not even a year old. Love it!

    Happy Mother's Day to you! You are a great mom. I love you!