Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Mom

On this Mother's Day Eve I am thinking of my own mom.  I'm so blessed by the woman that she is...the mom she is and has been to me as well as my other 3 siblings and our spouses.

She is a lover of life and a life-long learner.  She is passionate about truth and full of faith.  She is empathetic - always showed us compassion growing up and now.  She supports my dad in all things and in all ways.  We see an example of a beautiful that is true to who they are.  She is passionate about her family and has made many sacrifices along the way for each of us.  She loves deep conversation, talking about things of importance, and wants the best for others.

Some sweet memories I have to date...
The way she prayed for us growing up and even now - sitting in the chair when we got home from school, Bible spread on her lap, many times she'd drifted off to sleep somewhere in the process.
The way she would be tidying up the house at night while the rest of us might be watching a movie or hanging out...and she wasn't bitter.
How she believed me when I said things - now and all growing up....she didn't think I was too young or didn't understand life...she had faith with me.
The way she loved Clint right away.
The many times she moved us into different homes and apartments...helping me clean and unpack many a time.
How she came right away when we miscarried our first we sat at Panera while I got phone calls from the doctor about my blood levels...crying together at the loss.
How she was (from what I hear) giddy at the hospital waiting for the birth of Evee and I'm sure how she will be as she takes care of Evee while awaiting our second.
The many random phone calls, the talking and analyzing of things of importance and not.
Going for coffee and breakfast (which I'm looking forward to again in a brief couple of weeks!).

She is a blessing, a friend, a mother.

Happy Mother's Day to you mom.  I am blessed.  I love you...

{It seems it should be a picture of me and my mom, but I love this picture of her with Evee soon after Evee was born.  The amazing mom I have and the sweet girl I'm blessed to be mom to.}

*I'll add a note that my mom wrote her own sweet mother's day words here.


  1. And, Happy Mother's Day to you, Jamie! You are a great mom.

    Your words meant the world to me. Thank you!

    I love you!

  2. I am in tears! What a sweet writing about mom! So true! We have such a great mom.