Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today was a long one.  Nothing inherently bad, but long.

The morning was simple.  Slept a bit longer than normal, had more than an hour to myself (I love swaps). 

Then I decided to tackle reorganizing; putting baby/toddler clothes in better containers for storage.  Before I realized, it was 12:45 and the room I was organizing was chaotic.  I hadn't eaten a thing all day, Clint was home for a short lunch with us (having worked all morning and going to work all evening), and Evee and I had to get going shortly and would be out for the entire afternoon/evening and be home right before bedtime.

Where was I not thinking?  At what point did I take on more than I should?  Is there any time a pregnant woman should just forget to eat? (A big "no" to that last one.)

The day had many wonderful moments.  I was able to accomplish.  Evee and I made it through and all ended well.  As I sit here at the end of the day, things are finally put away.  Music is playing.  All is fine. There is peace and simplicity in this home again.

But, it was too much.  A reminder that I have a choice as to what I can take on in one day...maybe not in all things, but in some.  That things can wait.  That having Clint come home to a peaceful home, one that is not rushed or frazzled, is more important to me.  To be aware of the timing of the day.  To remember that these things help me to be the person I want to be - kind, loving, gentle.  Things that are best not forgotten.


  1. thanks for sharing a peaceful home with friends too

  2. It's that thought that you think you can get a task done in a certain amount of time, but realistically you can't. So, you find yourself in the middle of something on your to-do list without the time to adequately finish the task.

    Definitely been there, done that. Haven't we all? I guess it's asking, "What's the best thing to do right now, with the allotted time that I have?"

    Easy to say, not always the way it works... thinking the day through in a way that makes sense.

    Glad the day ended in a peaceful way for you :)