Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simplicity through my crockpot

Every time I use my crock-pot I think, "Why don't I use this more?" 

This week I tried just putting chicken breast straight in the crock pot.  I added about 1 tbsp. butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Cooked it on high for 2-3 hours, stirred it around, and it was done.  One of the beauties of this is that I love shredded chicken, but hate the work of putting it on the stove or boiling it and then taking forks to make it happen.  This way, the work of shredding the chicken is essentially gone.

I popped it all into a jar and those 3 chicken breast will last for meals all week (and possibly frozen if there are leftovers).  We've used it on sandwiches and as an addition to salad and pasta as well this week.

 It was an easy addition to dinner last night
  • french bread
  • cream cheese/basil mixture
  • a bit of chicken
  • tomatoe
  • spring mix lettuce
  • onion

    Very yummy and so easy!


    1. I always think the same thing about my crock easy for a mama to toss food in and have dinner, finished, later!

    2. Good idea. I will give it a try. To freeze it do you just put in a tupperware and stick it in there?

    3. Jamie, what a great idea!

      Hey, I love your new blog look :). Forgot to mention that.

      We'll talk tomorrow!

    4. I love pork chops in crock pot! With some mushrooms and onions.. yum!

    5. I love the photo of your sandwich...looks great!

    6. Joni - You could put it in tupperware or just freezer bags (like ziplock). Maybe there is a better way to do it with glass (if trying to avoid plastic)... But, for now, freezer bags are doing the trick and working well :).

    7. I pushed "Next Blog" while on my blog and you came up. Enjoyed reading. Saw your choc chip cookie post and thought I'd share one of my posts for my oatmeal choc chips...
      Keep on,
      Alyce Morgan

    8. Sorry, I think just the blog came up...Check out under "cookies" and you'll see the choc chips...Alyce