Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh to set my mind on things that bring peace, love, and strength to my days and moments...this is a gift.
One thing I am learning is to not add to or create my own drama.  One thing I've strive to learn over and over again is to simply let things "roll off me".  Part of this, I know, is the shutting of the mouth.  The next thing to learn is the changing of thoughts...not dwelling on or giving thought to things that are not true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, peace giving (Philippians 4:8).  I'm sure thankfulness/peace can play a good role here too...
Complain as little as possible about the wrongs you suffer. Undoubtedly, a person who complains commits a sin by doing so, since self-love always feels that injuries are worse than they really are. Above all, do not complain to irascible or fault-finding persons. If you feel the need to correct an offense or restore your peace of mind by complaining to someone, do so to those who are even-tempered and really love God. Instead of calming your mind, the others will create worse difficulties, and rather than pulling out the thorn that is hurting you, they will drive it deeper into your foot.
--St Francis de Sales


  1. Whew! This is good, Jamie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good to talk last night! It had been a while. Love the quote. Thanks for that!