Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soul Rest

I remember my dad talking about margins while growing up.  He'd say that every person has different margins on their "paper"/their life.  Some margins are more like .5 all around.  Others need margins that are 2" all around.  Essentially, meaning, that some people can handle more or less, but it is unique to each of us.  Live within yours.

I think for the first time, maybe ever, I'm truly understanding this.  And, more importantly, living within my own.  It's so different than time management, saying no, getting time alone or at social events.

A couple of months back I was working about 10 hours/week over my normal.  I think I just got driven and thought, "we're busy, but we are fine".  I wrote this post at that time (can you tell?).  Soon after that post and after lots of discussion between Clint and I about us, our home, and life in general I went back to maintaining my normal work hours.

The last month at church the sermons have been on just this - margins.  Clint did this last one on the margins that God creates for us.  He focused on Matthew 11:28-30 - the verses that I've been thinking and praying through since coming back to Princeton after the summer.

It was such a peaceful feeling to listen to those verses and the message and be reminded that I am living within that peace and rest.  My soul truly is at rest.  I'm not carrying too heavy a load or one that is not right for me.

And, I know how it is - in my soul, in our home, in our marriage, as a mom - when I don't live listening to the rhythm the Father has set for me.  And, oh, how it is to listen to His voice.  I clearly hear his voice and it is ever so "humble and gentle".  To me, it is the most beautiful picture of how one can perfect peace and rest.

It also brought me back to an email I wrote to a friend about all my "gratitude posts"...
"They are what I need right now...gratitude and less drama (most of which I think of and make more than what it is...all in my own mind).  I am realizing that as much as I often want answers and strive to "do something" with my life, during this season I probably need to take any extra moments I do have to sit, think, be present (crafting or reading or looking blankly out the window).  I've been asking what "come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest......" means for this season of our lives when it does all seem a bit wearing.  Maybe that is it.  When opportunities do come to be at rest, to take them, and be okay with that (and with gratefulness even!).  And, in my tiredness to not do things that aren't true rest." 
...I believe that it has come to be and I am thankful for that.

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  1. Jamie - I will be sure Dad reads this post :). Love the title!

    Jesus' words from Matthew 11:28-30 have meant so much to me. I love those verses and think of them often. Dad often quotes from The Message version of those verses - that we would "learn the unforced rhythms of grace." And the last part, "Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."

    Words of life, no matter what season.

    Love you!