Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gift pouch - reusable fabric bag

At Christmas I put most of our gifts in fabric bags I had from making "corn bags".  Since then, I'd been thinking about reusable gift pouches/bags and started working on a basic design last weekend.  It's been a lot of fun crafting so much (maybe a bit too much) this week.  I've posted a few on etsy...You can see them here.

Here are some pictures of them and how to use them.

The gift wrap/pouches come in 4 different sizes - extra small (4"x6"), small (7"x15"), medium (11"x17"), and large (14"x18").

This is the small size lying flat - there is a flap that comes over the top and holds the contents sturdy.

You can fold over the flap and insert contents inside. 

Then fold the flap back over and either leave it like that, tie some twine around the top or around it like it were a gift box. 

Depending on the contents inside, you can also add a card and slide it in the will hold securely.

And, there are other cute fabrics.

I'm enjoying the process and the finished product :).

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  1. I love them and way to go for putting them on Etsy. How cool is that. Your so awesome.