Friday, March 19, 2010

Thinking of summer

This morning the temperature is 46 degrees, in March, at 9 am.  It feels so nice.  I am sitting on the porch writing this with the sun beating down on me.  Evee is playing out here; I am drinking coffee.  We are about to go for a walk and then we will sit on a blanket in the grass and read for a bit.  I'm kind of warm in my sweater.

It's getting lighter out in the morning and we have more daylight before nightfall.  People are coming out of their homes.  This weekend the playground was full of noise and fun again.  I love spring! 

Thinking  to the joys of spring/summer...
  • Food - the wonderful recipes that happen during the summer season, the farmer's markets, the new fruits that are more available (and cheaper!)
  • Gardening - we are sharing a plot with friends in a community garden a block away
  • Warmth - sunshine...what more needs to be said
  • Staying in one place - not moving or traveling much (I say this only for me...Clint, on the other hand, has a very busy start to the summer)
  • Seeing family- knowing that we'll get to see some family (parents at least) with the new baby coming...we are very excited to have both parents come!
 It was not this warm!  But, it shows how wonderful the sun has been heating things up!

Happy Spring (maybe, almost)!


    1. Oh, I love it! It warmed up here in Budapest the past two days. I didn't even wear my coat today. Hope it just keeps getting warmer and warmer.

      Fun pictures of Evee :)

    2. SO wish we could be there with you guys. We miss you so much.