Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Child's play

I've been reading a book lately that has reminded me of the ways of children. Not that I have to look to far with a 2 year old of my own. But, still, the beauty of childhood is always a wonderful reminder.

As I look into Evee's room tonight as she sleeps, the beauty of children and childhood is sweeping over me.

I'm amazed at how little ones can love so easily, even those who can be difficult to love and even when we are difficult to love. They are so forgiving, so honest, so innocent. Kids say it how it is. Hold nothing back. Get so excited. Are so easily excitable, sad, surprised. Nothing seems to get old. Mistakes are easily forgotten. There is no worry about the future, no regret of the past. They live now. They give all of themselves to this moment.

At 2 years of age, Evee's life, and all of who she is, is being revealed to us each day. We are seeing aspects of this little person that we are, in some ways, just getting to know. And yet, it seems as if she's been with us forever.

May I love, hold, embrace each moment with this precious one that God has given to us. May I know how to love others (little and old) who have little love in their own lives.

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  1. Thanks for this post Jamie. Evee is blessed to have parents like you and Clint. She learns and grows in the loving and edifying environment you both create and exemplify yourselves. Children are a heritage of the Lord; a gift from Him! Ps. 127:3