Friday, October 16, 2009

The beauty of a blog

The beauty of this blog for me is that it shows me bits of our days.  Even though it may sound funny to write on here to show myself  bits of what we do, it is true that this has been much of what's it's become for me.

It shows me and reminds me about what I love about our lives.  It's the reminder of what I desire our home to be and some things that are coming to fruition.  It's snapshots of places we've been, things I've read, things we've done and are doing.  It helps me capture moments and plan for others.

It's a place to record thoughts that are running through my head about life, our home, social justice, peace, food, and who knows what else.  

The downside (and I'm sure much of it is my personality), is that I also see what I'm not doing, but wish we were doing.

Although, I guess this is not fully a downside as yet another reminder of things I really do want to incorporate into our lives, but are having trouble doing or are thinking about how to go about it.

Patience.  I'm learning this right now in many ways.  I will continue to be patient (with myself, with others, with God).

See how this helps me :).  I've just come full circle.

1 comment:

  1. You're like me. Writing helps to make sense out of life. When I write it all seems to come to a good place. The full circle :).

    Thanks for sharing and I love you.