Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We recently had a wonderful time in Seattle with some of my family. We had never been out to the north east. What a beautiful place!

One morning Evee and I went out and picked an entire bowl of blackberries...from the side of the road. Literally. Blackberries are so expensive. I couldn't believe how many of them there were. I basically picked until I was dyed from the juice and couldn't take any more prickles.

Other than that, we did some hiking, went downtown, some went to a baseball game, enjoyed a picnic at Gas Works Park, and a day trip to Vancouver.

Generally, it is just a beautiful place. You have mountains, water, so much greenery, nice people...

One great site that I found when researching before hand was a post from Wise Bread. We definitely researched some of the information from the post and the comments that followed. It was nice to have a few ideas before heading out that way (although my brother-in-law and sister had many of the same ideas from living out there a year).

Here are some pictures. All to the credit of my brother and his great camera taking skills (except for the berry one - which is obviously mine :)).

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