Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Start

I've had this written for a couple of weeks now, but haven't actually been able to push "publish post". I'm not exactly sure why and I don't know why I'm pushing it today, but I figure I should just start...

Recently I’ve been thinking back to things that were so heavy on my heart years ago, that over the course of life and its distractions, have fizzled a bit. In the last month or so, these have been coming to the forefront of my mind once again.

9 years ago I decided to learn and get into the fields of psychology and social work. I had such a strong desire to help the poor and those chained in oppression. When I worked as a social worker, I regularly felt that I was doing something true to that calling, even though I got paid to do it.

Since becoming a mom and getting involved in other things, these desires have been on the back burner, somehow almost forgotten. I think we often hear so much of the despair in the world, but it doesn’t hit home for us…it is not our experience. Even seeing it at times, it still does not touch our hearts.

In the last few weeks I have been reminded of the pain in our world – human trafficking, starvation, little ones with so much need, but such basic needs that many of us take for granted.

I have been asking God, what would you have me to do…now…in this moment and time in my life. What small thing can I do that doesn’t put these issues on hold till a more convenient time in my life (since when will that time come if not now)? These issues do not wait for a “better time”.

My mind, of course, always goes to big things, but what has been pressed upon my heart seems so small but yet it requires doing something. I’m realizing that we can use the things we do to make our lives peaceful and simple to benefit not our families alone, but those around us – both close and far.

I am currently brainstorming how my current simplicity can help the oppressed – simple things like meal planning and clothing swaps and saving money. I believe these things may just help change some of the oppression in our world. Crazy? I don’t think so and I hope not.

Anyway, there is more thoughts on this to come. For the sake of length, I think I’ll put make it a series of posts.


  1. It all starts at home

    Thank you for your blog and for helping my family and many other families to draw together with healthy food.

    I will ponder on this as well....God will help us see where we can help!

  2. Traci - Thanks for the comment. I always appreciate the comments, but more so with this post that shares more than just my meal plan :).

    I do hope to come together on this - thanks for that encouragement!

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  4. Jamie, Seems like we're on a similar train of thought today. Our neighborhood is having a community yard sale. Even though we already purged a few months ago, we decided to contribute by letting our kids have a lemonade stand. Instead of pocketing all the money and adding to their spending money, we encouraged them to donate half the proceeds to our World Vision child.

    It's one small thing, but I'm praying it will grow their desire to give. Maybe they will think of something even more influential next time.

  5. I found your blog from randomly searching and I really liked just going through and reading some posts. I'm becoming a blog addict. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone helped one another out as Christ commands us to do? I am definitely trying to remind myself of that here lately.

    Hope to read more about you if that's all right, and you can check out my blog if you're interested.

  6. Jamie... eager to hear more on this. I know your heart is being stirred. Who knows where it will lead? Love you!

  7. Hi Jamie,
    I loved reading this blog entry and it really spoke to my heart! Can't wait to read more! I think as parents we can get lost in meeting the all to important needs of our children and forget to teach them to be others focused! Thanks for the reminder that this is as important a life skill as any!

    I hope to get together with you when you are back East Coast!

    Staci Murray

  8. I'm new to your blog and resonate with your thoughts. I've been blessed both in giving and receiving.

    One idea I've recently adopted is to find out what our city mission needs and send surplus deals their way. So instead of hoarding bargains on personal care products, peanut butter, etc., I can give items to organizations who will distribute it to those in need.