Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is the journey my thoughts have been taking me

I’ve been thinking for awhile now about being at peace because you’re doing what you know you were meant to do.

Really, it started last summer and has been a reoccurring thought throughout the past year...specifically as it pertains to women and to moms.

Is it best to stay home? To work outside the home? To work from home? To work part time? Full time? To work around your kids’ schedule with a spouse? To put your kids into daycare?

For women, there are so many options, so many alternatives.

Because of this, it seems like we tend to look at someone else and think, now they have it together…they have it the best that it can be. I wish I had that or did that or thought of that idea.

But, what if there is something “perfect” for each of us. Something that when we did that thing or a combination of things, we were completely at peace because we knew that that thing was exactly what we were supposed to be doing.

And, then when the hard times come and when there are blessed times, we are at peace because there is no doubt that we are doing the thing that we were made to do. Be it starting a business, working in a job we love, staying at home…we know that it is what we are to do.

Obviously, some of the main facts of our lives don’t and won’t change. Moms, for example, still all have similar “constants” no matter what the situation looks like – kids (being the primary care person in their lives), relationships with other adults (friends, spouse, etc.), home stuff (meal planning, cleaning, organization), and other essentials (church, faith, hobbies, health, etc). These are the things that bring us together.

To do something that you love, though – isn’t that what we all want? No matter what stage of life we are in or what our circumstances are in this moment, to be at peace with what we are doing, what we are about, and essentially, who we are.

Can you be a great mom and a great business owner? An amazing wife and stay at home with your kiddos?

I want to know that I’m doing something I’m perfectly created for – something I’m naturally great at and something I’m fulfilled doing…as well as being a great wife and mother. And, that maybe I’m a better wife and mother because I am doing something else that also makes me fulfilled, but in a different way.

I know it will be different for different people. I’m happy about that and want each person to find whatever it is that brings them peace in what they are doing.

I wonder if a lot of the feelings of guilt and the feeling of being pulled in a million different directions would diminish if we knew what we were truly meant to do. Then we could focus on what we know we should be doing, are great at doing, and are successful at when we do give it the time, energy and effort we should.

This is the journey my thoughts have been taking me. If you've made it to the end of this post, I'd love to know if anyone else has similar thoughts or has other things to share.


  1. Jamie - Since I lean to the contemplative side, I've loved reading these last few posts... probably more so than the Monday meal plans (since meal planning is not my thing :). And, I'm happy that you are taking that on this summer!

    Your thoughts seem spot on... since we're all custom-made - personaliltes, passions, abilities, talents, drives - it makes sense that parenting and work choices would be customized accordingly.

    Peace and contentment is a good measure for that.

  2. Jamie,

    I have followed your blog for some while now. I am a teacher and we had a baby last summer. Before we had our son I just loved teaching and felt so called to teaching. I was able to earn my Master's degree in the teaching of reading before we were blessed with our son. However, after our son was born I just didn't want to return to work... we prayed and graciously God allowed me to take a part time teaching position for next school year. I feel as I pray that there are different seasons in our lives and that God gives us different dreams for those seasons... I also remember Paul saying that he "choose contentment whatever the circumstance." This knowing what to do has been a struggle for me, especially because I feel God has a different plan for each woman/family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...I couldn't agree more about finding what you are designed to do...especially for this time in your life! Lesa

  3. Lesa - Thanks so much for adding your thoughts and encouragement. Good reminders of contentment. I often have to tell myself to relax a bit while working towards knowing - to leave room to just listen for God's voice and who He wants me to be.

    So glad that you got part time work! I hope that works well. Thanks again for the comment :).