Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meal Plan Follow Up

This post is coming out later in the week then I'd planned (only by one day, but still...). Hope everyone is having a great week. Thanks for checking out my follow up!

Total for the week - $24.67 and you will see why it was $2.67 over the amount I'd estimated below...

Changes to the shopping list
  • The basic major change was that I got a large (2 lb.) bag of coffee instead of the regular 12 ounce bag. It's over $1 cheaper per pound this way and we are obviously set on the 8 O'clock coffee brand (for now at least) after trying to make a switch.
  • I also had a coupon for that coffee - $1 off.
  • I cut some costs - I bought one thing of butter instead of 2 (we use butter sticks for buttering toast and baking). Thought we'd be fine with one box.
  • Also, cut out pasta sauce and decided to make my own type of sauce (made it last night and it turned out okay :)).
A nice thing for next week is that we have some salmon (not on the list for this week) and some beef that I froze from last week!

Other notes: I think that I might do brownies and ice cream for Evee's birthday. I'm running out tonight after she's in bed to get that stuff as well as stuff to put together her gift. I'm pretty excited about it - I'm going to put together a box/container of different crafty things for her to do. I'm also working on making her an apron to wear for crafts and baking. We'll see how it goes - I'm not the world's best sewer and haven't done much besides hemming and corn/rice bags. Also, I don't have a pattern, just made my own, but I think it will turn out all the same (am I niave?). I'll make sure to post some pictures of the end results of it all.

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  1. Can't wait to see pictures of the apron you're making for Evee. You can do it. You've got sewing in your blood :)!