Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Cheap Coffee???

A bit of a random post/question today, but something that has been on my mind this morning :). Does anyone know of good, inexpensive coffee? As I shared in this post our supply of free coffee is officially gone. The first week I had to buy it, I had a coupon for Peet's coffee (which is really good coffee, by the way). This past Monday I bought the Wegman's brand and after having it yesterday and today, I can't say we are too impressed.

Good coffee is one thing we have trouble compromising on, so either way, I'll make room in the grocery budget for it and start looking for coupons. I just thought if anyone knew of something great out there that is maybe a secret that not too many people know about (or even if I just don't know about it) that is even a bit cheaper than the top end stuff, but still tastes good...

Ok - thanks for any input! It would be much appreciated!!!

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  1. Sorry to say, but I don't think good coffee can be found too cheaply. Since most beans are from Africa or South America there is inevitably shipping involved. And if you do find it cheap, then the quality is usually lacking or fair pricing for growers gets neglected. Shameless plug here, but a dear friend who has been roasting for big companies for over ten years is now roasting his own blends, which you can buy. It is $9, plus 3 shipping for 12oz. He is located in KC, MO, and has met the farmers. His heart is for ministry to coffee farmers, who for the most part are like banana farmers, getting paid little for their wares. And "coffee lover" just barely scratches the surface to describe his passion for it!

  2. Perhaps his website would be helpful if you are interested!

  3. This is a hard one. We love our coffee too!!

    I used to go to a local roasting company and get a big bulk bag (5 lbs) and put it in the freezer. I may start doing that again.

    It was about 6 dollars a pound instead of the 10/lb we usually pay.

    I buy green mountain coffee which I love the best which I get from Smiths marketplace (kroger natural foods)

  4. I saw this article through another blog saying that 8 O'Clock Coffee is the best bang for your buck:

  5. Hey Jamie - Angie from KBM here - Dwight & Dawn often get coffee (and sometimes for KBM) from places like Marshalls, Ross or TJ Max. Sometimes they find good stuff inexpensive stuff - the down side is you can't count on the same thing being there. They've also gotten good coffee from Harry & David when its on clearance (not sure when that was:)- they have a nac for finding good sales). We got great coffee in El Salvador cheap - but unless your going to El Salvador anytime soon the doesn't help :(... Hope you guys are doing well!!

  6. Have you tried roasting your own and buying from

    They have great coffee if you are interested in roasting it yourself. Roasting saves money since they don't pay for the process, you do it yourself.

    I am thinking about switching to this direction. If you buy five pounds you can get it for five bucks a pound. Since it isn't roasted you don't have to freeze it.

    You can roast it in your oven or a popcorn popper. Fresh roasted coffee is the bomb. So... let me know if you try it! :)

    If you want we could chip in for 2.5 pounds each or something.