Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easy 2nd birthday

So, yesterday I said that I would post some pictures about Evee's birthday and her party. And, by party, I just mean me setting out food (we were all outside) and people chatting and kids playing... Really not too much effort on my part...I didn't plan anything. It was really fun, though, and great to be outside and be together.

As for food, I ended up making brownies in muffin tins - some in cupcake tins that I had, but most just in the pans. It worked out well because we didn't have to cut them or anything. Then I just made chocolate sauce, we had caramel sauce, and got ice cream. I also made our homemade popcorn and got apples and sliced them up. Lemonade, coffee, and it was all set! Very easy to serve and worked out well!

I don't have any pictures from the party, yet, but I have pictures of the apron I made her and the craft box I put together with a lot of random things - paper, crayons, scissors, water color paints, stickers, buttons, fabric, glue... Now

I'm working on making a blanket from unused fabric we had lying around. Then, it will be her "craft blanket", so I don't have to worry about paint going everywhere. I think it will be easier than having her stay at the table. I should have it done sometime this week! I'll make sure to post pictures.

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  1. Jamie, you did such a great job! So creative! Love the apron. And, the craft blanket is a great idea. Can't wait to see you all!