Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meal Plan Follow Up

Total for the week - $38.68.

We had the luxury of having Clint come to the grocery store with us this week! It was nice to have someone with and was really helpful. I walked around seeing moms or dads at the grocery store with their kids and was in awe that so many of us do this each week alone. And, many do it with more than just one kid - so kudos to you!

Changes to the shopping list
  • So, as wonderful as it was to have Clint, we also end up walking out with a bit more than normal :). But, I think we really only added a bag of potato chips, which I rarely buy, so it's a nice treat this week.
  • I also don't think I'd added frozen pizza to the shopping list and therefore didn't include that $3.99. I'd taken a meal off, but forgot to add that in.
  • I picked up $.77 shampoo, but then realized we had shampoo that I forgot about. Debating whether to actually take it back or just save it for next time we need shampoo.
  • We got a larger bag of carrots...which in the end was a good thing, but at the time was all they had available at the store.
That's it!

Oh, and I thought I'd mention that we had the curried lentils over rice meal last night. It was the first time I'd tried it and have actually never made lentils! Clint has always said that lentils are the one thing he just doesn't do (and he's really easy to cook for), so we've not had them. But, we gave the recipe a try and it was really good. Clint really liked it as well. It's an easy recipe from More-With-Less Cookbook (World Community Cookbook). And, it is incredibly cheap. I'll have to check to see exactly how much the meal costs, but I'm guessing around $1 or $2 for the entire meal - how amazing is that!?!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that we are making all of our meals this week with what we already have in the pantry, freezer and fridge. kida nervous, but it will be a good experiment. i'm also worried about what next weeks grocery bill will be like.

  2. very frugal Jamie! When are you gonna start growing a garden? in NZ we started growing alot of peppers, which we used the most, carrots, i think brocilli, and corgettes which i cant remember what we call them here, zucchini maybe? But they were yellow too.

    Hope yall are well, God bless and keep you!