Monday, March 23, 2009

Meal Plan Follow Up

This week we generally stuck to the list I posted yesterday. Actually, there were literally no changes! Just a couple of cost estimates came in a bit lower due to the number of pounds (fruit, veggies, lamb...). And I got a bunch of broccoli instead of green beans since it was cheaper. So, the total was $41.97.

There was a comment on yesterday's post about the "noodles & cheese" - it really is only that :). We just boil noodles and shred some cheddar cheese on top. We don't put much cheese on. We generally buy sharp cheddar, so it doesn't need much. I used to mostly use whole wheat pasta, then went back to "regular" pasta, but have been thinking lately about why I did that. We will be switching back to whole wheat in the next week or two. Thanks for asking - I'd meant to clarify that earlier than this anyway! Pretty plain, but Evee and I enjoy it!

Oh, and as for our coffee dilemma, I bought the 8 O'Clock brand that was in the article that Lesley had shared in the comments from my post asking about good coffee. It was $4.29 for a 12 ounce bag which is only $.29 more than the store brand. Plus, there is a coupon in the bag for $1 our next bag! I'll report in how it goes! If Clint doesn't like it, maybe I'll try roasting my own coffe beans with Dave :). I read and looked into the other comments as well, so thanks everyone for those! Good options for buying coffee.

In last week's follow up I talked about how we are using cash now for everything instead of using and then paying off the credit card each month. We are seeing if we do, indeed, use less money. In the process I'm realizing some interesting things. Maybe I'll do a more detailed post later, but for now I'll just share a few things.
  1. First off, even though I thought we were sticking to a strict budget already, I really think this is helping save money!
  2. $50 per week can feel very different than $200 per month. Somehow, those few extra days in the month add up!
  3. I'm really feel the crunch at the end of the month. No matter how much money is in the bank, I don't think about it being there...I only think about what's in my envelop. So, I think that it really does work at keeping the budget in check! I'll know more in the next month when we do it for the first full month.


  1. I am interested in seeing the results from your month of cash only, and if you save money. I would also like to know how you like the 8 O'clock coffee... I am looking for a new coffee.

  2. Well I may have to check out 8 o'clock coffee. That's 0.36 (rounded up) an ounce without the dollar coupon. With it it is 0.27416666667. :) I have been buying Dunkin Donuts (my favorite) for 0.50 an ounce. If it is good... i may have to switch.