Friday, January 9, 2009

Peace & Simplicity

For me, this week has been an interesting as far as peace and simplicity. We got back the middle of last week from being away for the holidays. Evee and I leave next week to visit Clint's family (Clint will be joining us). So, there is laundry and cleaning and work to be done (and some did actually get done :)). In the midst of it, little Evee has been a bit sick or teething badly...probably some of both. For a day and a half she has mostly just wanted to sit/lay on the couch doing different things and almost always with me around. It definitely made me choose simplicity the last couple of days - not worrying about different things to go be on the couch with her. I remember when I would get sick growing up how nice it was just to have my mom around and the great comfort it automatically brought. What a gift that I can now do that for Evee... Besides, some great things can easily be done from the couch - crocheting, reading, snoozing...

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  1. You're a good mom Jamie. I like reading this! I hope you have a great time on your trip!