Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crochet Starts

So, I'm excited to be creating my own crochet pant pattern for babies. I'm hoping to get them done soon to send to my sister-in-law who's little one should be coming early/mid February and then I want to send the pattern to my other sister who is pregnant to try out for herself (the pattern, not the pants :)). I'm also hoping to pass it along to a couple of blog followers who wouldn't mind trying out the pattern for me once it's done (so, if anyone is interested let me know - I'll probably just pass it on to the first 2 people to try out to make sure it works!).

Anyway, I was going to have the waist a bit smaller and then open up for the booty so that it fits any kind of diapers (including cloth). But...I didn't like how it was turning out (more like a skirt or something!). I had made some like this that would fit Evee and they turned out well, but with such small ones, I didn't like it for some reason. Picture below of the "skirt" look. And yes, I'm in the bathroom working on it while waiting for Evee to go poo on the potty :) which she did for the first time 2 nights ago! Very exciting!

So, I ended up taking it out. Now I'm going to make it bigger all around, going to add "belt loops" for a drawstring finish instead. I think they are going to be so cute and I like how they are coming along better now. After that, I'm going to try a baby sleeping sack which will be fun!
Hope you are getting time this weekend to do something you enjoy and that is refreshing for you!


  1. I spent the afternoon reading People magazine cover to cover...ahh, brain candy.

    I'd love to try out your pattern. And I have a friend who had a baby girl just before Christmas who could even model them for me!

    I tend to get wonky gauge though. I think I crochet fat and narrow. But I'd love to be a tester. Are you on Ravelry? I'm anothermama on there. Love to be your friend there!

  2. Evee went poo on the potty!!!?!?!? NICE!

    Love ya!