Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taking Inventory

Being after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, I find this is a great time to take inventory of what's in your fridge, freezer, and cupboards. This will help to not over buy on your next grocery trip, but will also help to know what you need. I actually did this a week or so ago, but I'm thinking with family in and out of town, I should really do it again.

Taking inventory of your food items basically consists of going through each area and writing down either specific items (if you have time) or meals that you could make with the items you already have (or meals you could almost make, just making note of what you need). This is a great thing to do when first starting to meal plan and then periodically there after.

Here are some (not great) pictures of checking out the stock and then meals that I have written out that I keep posted on the fridge. The second picture is terrible, I know. But I figure, it serves the point :).

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  1. super good.. I have been doing this same thing as of late. I realized I was off to the grocers when things looked bare but they wernt necessarily. I cleaned out the fridge and realized that I had been letting things o bad because they were pushed to the back and overlooked...there is really no reason for a family to have soo much that they waist. I have been taking stock and making things from what I have and buying the basics and what will feed my family..doin alot of baking and scratch and whole foods and not just filling the fridge for fillings sake and wow I dropped 100 bucks off my grocery bill seriously and my hubbie was lugging the totes out of the car and was like this is all you got and I was proud to say that is all we need I have tons of meals to that was long.. but what you said should ring true to so many of us...and I love the idea of posting the meals on the fridge.. I will do that tomarow..
    peace to you..