Thursday, December 4, 2008

Peace & Simplicity this week

Like I said last week (or the one before, I can't remember now...) I'd like to start sharing what has been a peace or simplicity giver(s) this past week. It could also be something I'm looking forward to for the week ahead. I find that, even if it doesn't feel very peaceful in the moment (for example, this morning hasn't felt super peaceful thus far :)), it is good to dwell on what has or is bringing peace or simplicity to your life. I would love to hear what is bringing peace to you or what you're doing or will do to create peace in your home. Feel free to share whatever it is right now for you in a comment or with a link to a post (if you have something on your own blog).

I think for me, this week, it's been talking with good friends and listening to Christmas music. There is something peaceful about having music in the background while getting stuff done around the house, while having people around or while playing. Very simple stuff this week, but great blessings!

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  1. Music does have a peaceful affect. Dad and I have been playing music at home the last couple of days... especially love Charlie Brown's Christmas music at this time of year.

    True peace is when our hearts are at rest no matter what the circumstances. Philippians 4:4-9 describes how we can have that kind of peace. I memorized these verses when I was going through a tough time at the age of 18. Seems I've needed to be reminded of them time and time again.

    Oh, to trust God rather than worry. That gives me peace!