Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some other great sites :)

Wanted to add: Another great site to check out, if you haven't already, is I'm an Organizing Junkie. You've probably noticed that I've participated in the "Menu Plan Monday" that she does each week. Last week she included a giveaway of my eBook as well!

So, I'm just realizing that I should have been pointing all of you to some other great sites that are hosting reviews/giveaways for my eBook. Anyway, from now on, I'll make sure to make a note of them - a chance to win and they are great sites for you to check out!

The giveaway for this one is closed, but check it out anyway, it's a great site - $5 Dinners. If you love saving money with meals and being creative about it, you definitely want to check it out! Another site where the giveaway is closed is 1 Stop Mom.

Maternal Spark is hosting a giveaway along with a post I wrote on how to start meal planning. You can find it at this link and there are only 2 comments - obviously a great chance to win! The giveaway is going through December 15th.

I'll continue to keep you in the loop for a chance to win and other sites that are doing great things!

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