Friday, December 12, 2008

Peaceful & Simple Home

So, as I said last week, I'm trying to share on Fridays what has made our home more simple and peaceful in this past week. Again, since only one shared last week :), I'd love to hear what has brought your life and home peace and simplicity - whether you put a link to your post or just share in the comments.

This week, in particular, has been an interesting one. Clint has been busy with finals and papers - on top of work and family! I've started the potty training process (just out of curiosity and to see if it will take this early on...don't think we're quite ready yet, but it's been interesting). We were without family after being spoiled last week with their presence :)...

Anyway, I have to say, a good moment of peace this week was on Monday night, after I had cleaned the whole house and made a great dinner (if I can say so myself), when I went around turning off lights before we went to sleep. It just felt simple and peaceful knowing that everything was clean and tidy. Simple, but such a great feeling.


  1. I am getting instant peace with (a free internet radio interface) this week! On a blog suggestion, I created a radio station with "Fernando Ortega" - his music is GREAT and leaves me feeling so refreshed. Very few words but songs I know so the words are resonating with me even as I just hear the music.

  2. I love when I have cleaned up my kitchen and turned on the dishwasher. It's an older one so it's not really quiet, but I love that sound and smell. It reminds me that at least one room is clean...for now!

  3. mmm I have to agree turning out the lights with a perfectly neat and tidy little house just makes life seem so much sweeter.. how nice towake up too as well, am I right?!