Monday, December 15, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

I won't actually be doing much (if any) grocery shopping this week because I have stuff left over from last week, we are leaving early Thursday morning to go home for a bit, and I want to use up anything perishable before we head out. Also, when I was out sometime toward the end of last week, I ran in to the store and grabbed bananas and brocolli.

I thought I'd still do the meal plan for the next 3 nights, though, to join with others over at "Organizing Junkie" sharing their plans for the week!

Monday - Clint and I will actually be going out on a later date tonight. So, I'll probably make grilled cheese for Evee or she'll eat with friends who are watching her.
Tuesday - Chili with potatoes and veggies (we didn't have this last week)
Wednesday - Spaghetti (again, from last week)

Later, I'll have to think through all that we had last week, since there is so much left over that we can use this week. I didn't go out and get more (besides what I told you earlier). Anyway, we strive to stick to the budget, but not always to the menu depending on the week. I find it helpful to be flexible your meals depending what you have left over or on hand, but still striving to stick to your budget and be carefully how much you go to the store.

I'll be posting later about Christmas stuff!

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  1. I love to re-use my leftovers too. Use them to create a new meal altogether. Then there's stuff like roasting a turkey or cooking a ham (which I did last week) that leaves meat to use up and plan with. I tend to get creative when I have that stuff in the fridge.